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  • Quality Education & Traning
  • Competitive Pricing Policy
  • Updated Syllabus
  • Latest Softwares used for Traning
  • Interview Preparation to the desired students
  • Suitable Timing for every need
  • Excellent Teacher - Taught Enviorment
Industrial Training
For engineering & polytechnic students
  • Web Designing & Development
  • Hardware & Networking
  • Mechnical Drawing
  • (AutoCAD, Pro/E, Catia)

Mobile Apps
Courses Offers:-
  • Android apps
  • Apple apps
  • Window apps
  • Blackberry apps

UGC Approved Courses
Certificate / Diploma courses

Internation Certifications
Courses Offers:-
  • A+
  • RHCE
Hardware and Networking Solution

Offices, Private or Government today are totally computerized. Every thing is depended on computers so every company wants that their computers so every company wants that their computers work properly, or if they face any problem then it should be rectify in short time.

Why Winsoft?

10 Years experience in the field of Computer Network Hardware and Software and it includes Installation, Configuration. Upgrades, kernel Builds, Patch and System Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Support and Programming. Strong Unix, Linux.

  • Networking: Configuring, Upgrading, Tuning, Troubleshooting, Installing and Supporting Client Server Technologies in addition to firewalls and routers. Experience with distributed network file system, Citrix, SCO AFPS, SCO Vision FS, SCP Tarantella, Samba, routers/ gateways, Email servers, FTP servers and Web servers.

  • Network Protocols: LAN/ WAN, NFS/ NIS, DNS, TCP/IP, Net BIOS, VPN, WINS, Active Director, SMTP, SNMP, FTP, POP3, IMAP, PPP, SAN SCSO and ATA RAID, Fiber Channel, Ethernet, Modems, routers, hubs, switches, bridges, DSL, TI, Wireless, DHCP, NAT, and IP tables packet filtering.

Software Development

Offices, private or government today are totally computerized. A well equipped and a computerized office, is the main target. To achieve this target, what¡¯s needed the most is software, and general software mostly doesn¡¯t cover ones working specification, what becomes a big problem therefore, companies want their own software.

Why Winsoft?

Because only one software development by us will cover, whole of your business while custom makes software, developed by software engineers for all lines.


Also, softwares that has been developed by us in the past for our clients, served environment, component object model (COM), distributed component object model (DCOM), internet applications and e-solutions etc.


With only one and half year of development exposure, we surely have and edge our competitors in this part of India.

Web Designing and Development

With the Internet Wave expanding factor than fire in the forest, physical distance now doesn't matter in the business world. World Wide Web has woven the whole world into a single entity called web. This with E-business one can do business with any client of his within minutes without going outside his country and incurring heavy foreign travel expenses and the other benefit of the web is that one logged on to the net is constantly in touch with all the billions of computers already logged on to the web 24 hrs and 7 days a week. And Internet being referred as vast library one can get any information at any point of time. The basic truth is that globalization of various economics is made possible by the net and this is the fact that one cannot deny at all and we provide e-business tools and transactions management products and services.

Why you must have a Website ?
  • Cheapest way of Providing detailed Information.
  • Quick Business Response
  • New Clients, Partners, Collaborations, Dealers thus giving widest pespective to your Business.

Why Winsoft ?
  • We offer unlimited pages and pictures(with no changes)
  • Free updating
  • Minimum cost in the market with maximum features
  • Company stays free lances don't
  • Today WINSOFT have many website based projects for many reputable companies, and we need your name in our list.
Multimedia (3 Dimension)

Today mind-blowing movies special effects and eye-catching advertisement are seen everyday on many different media. Multimedia is expanding its wings very gracefully in the world of information technology. Multimedia subdivision of e-biz is also working very nicely in this field. Today this division holds this much confidence that you can give any sort of project to into do and we ensure to return the best to oriented result satisfaction.

Why Winsoft?

Why we are in this area in this area of projecting your multimedia project. We are developing multimedia related to solutions by using latest graphics tools such as macromedia, 3dmax, rhino, adobe, maya, bryce and many more audio/video editing software's. We provide e-presentations on CDs using latest software of multimedia.

Other Services Offered by Winsoft
  • Office Autimation using latest technology
  • Sale-installation and configuration of computers systems.
  • Corporate and Company sponsored Training on Information Technology.
  • Networking assignments.
  • Web hosting and Domain registration.
  • Consultancy in system up-gradation and development.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract.

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